Visit the Baldwin Hotel Museum in Klamath Falls OR

February 15, 2018
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Baldwin Hotel Museum is on 31 Main Street in Klamath Falls. It is next to Veterans Memorial Park on the eastern bank of Klamath River where it meets Lake Ewauna. It is 0.2 miles from the Favell Museum which is across the Klamath River. Children’s Museum of Klamath Falls is less than two miles to the east from Baldwin Hotel Museum. Of all the things to do in Klamath Falls, the former hotel and present-day museum is one of the most unique places to visit.

About Baldwin Hotel Museum

In 1905, George Baldwin had a hardware store at the site when the railroad was poised to be developed along Link River. Sensing an opportunity, he developed a hotel against the sturdy basalt cliff. The construction was completed by 1911, albeit the railroad took an alternate route. The rocky hillside provided a solid foundation, and the hotel was developed in a rather unique way. It had plumbing systems in all rooms, which was not common at that time. Some rooms had en-suite bathrooms including bathtubs. The plumbing fixtures were designed to be in the open along the walls, visible for guests to know that such facilities were available. All the rooms on every floor in the hotel were interconnected and designed in a manner that they could be used as segregated units or they could be collectively used as a suite. The rooms were later upgraded to impress business travelers, so that they could use the units as apartments and for office purposes.

The hotel was sold by George Baldwin’s daughter to Andrew Moore and Cordelia Moore in 1923. The Moore family operated the property till 1951. Their daughter Vera Jones inherited the property after their retirement and operated the hotel with Mart Jones, her husband. Years of slump in business made the hotel financially unviable, and lack of maintenance rendered the property almost unusable. It was in a dire state and due to be demolished when the county purchased the property following a campaign by a group of citizens. Klamath County bought the property with its contents. It was turned to Baldwin Hotel Museum, still featuring the brass beds, claw foot tubs, dressers and various items of a bygone era. The museum has also received collectibles from various sources over the years and is itself a unique exhibit. You can visit the museum from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There are one hour and two-hour tours, and you can explore all the four floors.

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