Putnam’s Point: Trail and Birding Klamath Falls

May 15, 2018
Category: Things to Do in Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls is quite possibly one of Klamath’s most beautiful attractions. These falls are renowned for their Birding Trails, and for the gorgeous scenery each trail provides. Many who come to the area come to birdwatch, and to take in the amazing terrain of the falls. Putnam’s Point is one of the more famous places to journey while exploring Klamath Falls, as the area has become a well-known spot to watch Western and Clark’s Grebes birds “dance” atop water. A visit to Putnam’s Point in Klamath Falls is a necessity for all those who enjoy birdwatching!

About Klamath Falls

The city of Klamath Falls was originally called Linkville, but was later renamed in 1893. The city became renowned for the construction of the Link River Dam. The construction of this structure was a fundamental component to water regulation throughout the state, and had a large effect on logging in Klamath Falls. A small dam was later built near Putnam’s Point in 1919, and the construction of these dams manipulated the terrain and wildlife growth. This shaped Putnam’s Point into what it is today.

The journey to Putnam’s Point will take you through juniper-sage brush into a Pine forest. This area is best known for the visible features in the land where trenches were carved to manipulate the flow of water when dams were first constructed in Klamath Falls. In addition to this, many trails that lead up to Putnam’s Point are excellent Birding trails. It’s from Putnam’s Point that a great number of Bald Eagles can be seen, as well as Grebes birds, which are famous for their “water dancing” abilities. Some other species of bird that can be seen in this area are: Snowy Egret, the Green Heron, Tree Swallow, and many more. In addition to these highlights, Putnam’s Point is the best place to go to get a stunning view of Upper Klamath Lake.

Located near Moore Park and along the shore of Klamath Lake, Putnam’s Point can be visited at any time throughout the year. It is recommended that you visit during the months of May, June, and July, as bird migration will be high. If you’re looking for places to stay in Klamath Falls, look no further than the Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel. This motel provides guest amenities and friendly staff, as wella s the lowest rates available when you book your stay directly online.

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