Hike Hogback Mountain in Klamath Falls

November 15, 2017
Category: Klamath Falls Attractions

If you find yourself in Klamath Falls, Oregon, you do not have to go too far to enjoy an incredible scenic hike. Hogback Mountain, which towers across the east side of the city of Klamath Falls, presents itself as a good spot to enjoy hiking along its 5-mile trail. If you are visiting Oregon, or have just come into town on a vacation, you can explore Hogback Mountain and take the opportunity to exercise while enjoying a great view and the scenery.

Hike Hogback Mountain in Klamath Falls

Hogback Mountain is a large hill located northeast of Klamath Falls. Named Hogback Mountain because it looks like the shoulders of a pig, this 6,205 ft. elevation mountain is mostly privately owned but is open to hikers, so you can enjoy a good climb and some impressive views of the area. Once you get to Klamath Falls, it is not difficult to find Hogback Mountain. You can just look for a giant “M” sign on the mountain, towards the southeast area of Downtown Klamath Falls. The trail for ‘hiking the Hog’ starts just behind The Foothills Fellowship Church located on Patterson Street, below the M-sign. From here, this trail then continues uphill, straight up the mountain. A good thing is you can always take the same trail back to the trailhead so it’s pretty tough to get lost!

There is one landmark to look out for if you wish to take a little rest. You can look out for the Lone Pine along the trail; known to have fallen during a storm, the tree since then remained a logical stopping point for hikers. You can enjoy this hike on Hogback Mountain with family and friends, but be sure to hike with plenty of water, as there is no water available along the trail. You should also be prepared with snacks to restore your energy and do not forget to wear good boots to tread this rocky trail.

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