Apr 15

About Crater Lake Zipline

Crater Lake zipline offers exciting courses near crater lake. There are two different ziplining activities, one crafted for the youth, and the other forged for adults. The Skayak Adventure is a hardy course as there are 9 zipline courses, and a picnic lunch. After you finish your zipline course, you will be able to relax with a peaceful kayak ride in the majestic Malone springs, and make your way through the upper Klamath Lake wetlands. Thankfully, ROE will supply you with a guide, all of your gear, and round trip transportation. This full day adventure typically begins around 8:30 am and finishes around 4 pm.

If the kids feel like taking an adventure, they can do a wonderful course in the Fremont-Winema National Forest. Up to 18 eager adventurers can take part in this thrilling Sasquatch Hollow Adventure. The participants should check in around 30 minutes before it begins, and entertainment will last for 3 hours. During this daring adventure, you will be able to zipline, cross the Sasquatch Bridge, find your way through the Rolling Rapids, Make your way across the Spiderweb, have some fun on varied ziplines, and finally make your way down the Lava tube to the forest floor.

Things to do in Klamath Falls

Expand your knowledge on a Crater Lake trolley ride. Take a scenic trolley ride in a historically themed trolley around Crater Lake. Sit back and relax as your national park guide takes you on an informative 2-hour tour to take in the view, and gain knowledge about this historic place.

Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel

Enjoy your stay at Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel while you have a wild adventure at Klamath Falls. With their “Home away from Home” service, Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel is one of the top-rated hotels in Southern Oregon by families and business travelers. Your room will be equipped with complimentary WiFi, and the hotel offers a complimentary full-size hot breakfast, a free fitness center, a heated pool, hot tub, on site parking, free local calls, free laundry, and a free weekly newspaper. For the lowest rates available, you can book your stay directly at www.oregonmotel8rvpark.com

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Mar 15

The State of Oregon is a popular tourist hub because of its bustling city life and breathtaking nature reserves. Visit Oregon for rich history, world-class cuisine, art and entertainment and endless natural beauty. During your visit, stop by Klamath Falls in Southern Oregon and enjoy Putnam’s Point.

Putnam’s Point

A bird lovers dream, Putnam’s Point is a semi-wild landscape consisting of brushland and forest habitat and is home to dozens of seabirds. It is located at the south end of Upper Klamath Lake off of Lakeshore Drive in Klamath Falls, Oregon. This park is adjacent to Moore Park which offers an abundance of hiking and bicycle trails, fishing and picnic areas. Next to shore areas, birds to look for include Western and Clark’s Grebes, Snowy Egret, Green Heron, Barrow’s Golden Eye, Hooded Merganser and Tree Swallow. During the spring, visitors can see Yellow-rumped, Yellow, Wilson’s and Orange-crowned Warblers. Visit during mid-May to observe the annual ritual of dancing Western and Clark’s Grebes. Fall migrations allow visitors to observe Horned and Eared Grebes, Canvasback, Redhead, Ring-necked Duck, Bufflehead, Ring-billed and California Gulls and other rare species.

Inside Moore Park the habitat transitions from juniper-sagebrush land to pine forest. Putnam Point and Moore Park Marina offer great viewing into Upper Klamath Lake, and it is worth staying late to catch the unspeakably gorgeous sunsets.

Stay at Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel

Located in the heart of Southern Oregon in Klamath Falls, Oregon Motel 8 offers spacious rooms, friendly staff, and choice amenities with a home away from home feel for the entire family. Enjoy a heated pool and complimentary WiFi and continental breakfast.

The RV park is located behind the motel, nestled among the hilltops surrounding the park and offers 24 large pull through spaces with free hookups and wireless internet. All sites have power, water, sewer and cable TV. A community recreation area and coin-operated laundry facility are also available on-site.

Book direct for lowest rates at http://www.oregonmotel8rvpark.com.

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Feb 15

Baldwin Hotel Museum is on 31 Main Street in Klamath Falls. It is next to Veterans Memorial Park on the eastern bank of Klamath River where it meets Lake Ewauna. It is 0.2 miles from the Favell Museum which is across the Klamath River. Children’s Museum of Klamath Falls is less than two miles to the east from Baldwin Hotel Museum. Of all the things to do in Klamath Falls, the former hotel and present-day museum is one of the most unique places to visit.

About Baldwin Hotel Museum

In 1905, George Baldwin had a hardware store at the site when the railroad was poised to be developed along Link River. Sensing an opportunity, he developed a hotel against the sturdy basalt cliff. The construction was completed by 1911, albeit the railroad took an alternate route. The rocky hillside provided a solid foundation, and the hotel was developed in a rather unique way. It had plumbing systems in all rooms, which was not common at that time. Some rooms had en-suite bathrooms including bathtubs. The plumbing fixtures were designed to be in the open along the walls, visible for guests to know that such facilities were available. All the rooms on every floor in the hotel were interconnected and designed in a manner that they could be used as segregated units or they could be collectively used as a suite. The rooms were later upgraded to impress business travelers, so that they could use the units as apartments and for office purposes.

The hotel was sold by George Baldwin’s daughter to Andrew Moore and Cordelia Moore in 1923. The Moore family operated the property till 1951. Their daughter Vera Jones inherited the property after their retirement and operated the hotel with Mart Jones, her husband. Years of slump in business made the hotel financially unviable, and lack of maintenance rendered the property almost unusable. It was in a dire state and due to be demolished when the county purchased the property following a campaign by a group of citizens. Klamath County bought the property with its contents. It was turned to Baldwin Hotel Museum, still featuring the brass beds, claw foot tubs, dressers and various items of a bygone era. The museum has also received collectibles from various sources over the years and is itself a unique exhibit. You can visit the museum from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There are one hour and two-hour tours, and you can explore all the four floors.

Stay at Oregon Motel 8 & RV Park

Baldwin Hotel Museum is less than five miles south of Oregon Motel 8 & RV Park. Book your stay directly at the hotel to get the best deal.

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Jan 15

Klamath Falls has a city parks system and there are a few state parks as well within the metropolitan area. The four state parks in Klamath Falls are Collier Memorial State Park, Fort Rock Cave, Jackson F. Kimball State Recreation Site and OC&E Woods Line State Trail. Collier Memorial State Park has an outdoor museum and a campground. OC&E Woods Line State Trail is the longest liner park with a hundred mile rail trail through the state of Oregon.

The most popular city parks are Moore Park and Veterans Memorial Park. Other noteworthy parks are Kit Carson Park, Mills-Kiwanis Park, Fairview Park, Lynnewood Hills Open Area, Conger Heights Open Area, Southside Park and Warford Park among others. The designated Wiard Memorial Park and Recreation District has as many as six parks and various recreational facilities, including Wiard Park, Crest Park, Keller Park, Etna Park, Alva Park and Klein Park.

About Nature & Parks in Klamath Falls

Moore Park including the Marinas spread over four hundred and fifty eight acres are located at the southern shore of the Upper Klamath Lake. Veterans Memorial Park, also known as Veterans Park, is spread over almost three and a half acres in Downtown Klamath Falls. Wiard Park is the largest of the six parks in the district spreading over five acres.

Moore Park is located next to Putnam’s Point, just off Lakeshore Drive. There are tennis courts, soccer fields, picnic areas, barbecue pits, trails, camping area, restrooms and ample parking at Moore Park. The local community uses the facilities of the park extensively for most parts of the year, primarily for soccer games and scouting events, picnics and special private or public events. The park also has a disc golf course and play equipment for kids.

Wiard Park is located at 2800 Wiard Street in Klamath Falls. The park has a covered picnic area that can host as many as two hundred people, there is a playground, a gazebo for two dozen people, splash pad, basketball court, a sand volleyball court, softball, horseshoe pits, open space, and restrooms. Veterans Park is home to the Veteran’s Memorial featuring memorial bricks for military personnel, both former and current, a covered pavilion and an information kiosk. The memorial recently completed the two thousand brick expansion.

Stay at Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel

Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel is four miles north of Moore Park, seven and a half miles from Wiard Park and less than five miles from Veterans Park. Reserve your accommodation online at the motel’s website to get the lowest rates online: https://www.oregonmotel8rvpark.com/

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Nov 15

If you find yourself in Klamath Falls, Oregon, you do not have to go too far to enjoy an incredible scenic hike. Hogback Mountain, which towers across the east side of the city of Klamath Falls, presents itself as a good spot to enjoy hiking along its 5-mile trail. If you are visiting Oregon, or have just come into town on a vacation, you can explore Hogback Mountain and take the opportunity to exercise while enjoying a great view and the scenery.

Hike Hogback Mountain in Klamath Falls

Hogback Mountain is a large hill located northeast of Klamath Falls. Named Hogback Mountain because it looks like the shoulders of a pig, this 6,205 ft. elevation mountain is mostly privately owned but is open to hikers, so you can enjoy a good climb and some impressive views of the area. Once you get to Klamath Falls, it is not difficult to find Hogback Mountain. You can just look for a giant “M” sign on the mountain, towards the southeast area of Downtown Klamath Falls. The trail for ‘hiking the Hog’ starts just behind The Foothills Fellowship Church located on Patterson Street, below the M-sign. From here, this trail then continues uphill, straight up the mountain. A good thing is you can always take the same trail back to the trailhead so it’s pretty tough to get lost!

There is one landmark to look out for if you wish to take a little rest. You can look out for the Lone Pine along the trail; known to have fallen during a storm, the tree since then remained a logical stopping point for hikers. You can enjoy this hike on Hogback Mountain with family and friends, but be sure to hike with plenty of water, as there is no water available along the trail. You should also be prepared with snacks to restore your energy and do not forget to wear good boots to tread this rocky trail.

Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel

Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel is an affordable place to stay in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Situated in the heart of Southern Oregon, you will have close access to many attractions including Crater Lake National Park, Lake of the Woods, Oregon Institute of Technology and of course, Hogback Mountain.

Oregon 8 offers spacious motel rooms that are clean and comfortable so you can rest assured of a home away from home experience. You do not need to worry about parking because we have free parking with space to accommodate even oversized vehicles like RVs, big trucks, and buses.

Enjoy a great hike at Hogback Mountain and come back to a great place of relaxation– Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel. Book your accommodation with us today and enjoy a pleasant stay in Klamath Falls. You can book directly and save at – https://www.oregonmotel8rvpark.com

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Oct 15

OC&E Woods Line State Trail is a rail trail that traverses Klamath and Lake Counties, making one of the longest linear parks on Oregon. Why is it called OC&E? OC&E stands for Oregon, California & Eastern Railroad.  The path begins from the heart of Klamath Falls and extends eastward Bly and to Sycan Marsh in North. The 105 mile length of the trail affords many recreational activities such as mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding and nature viewing.

About OC&E Woods Line State Trail

The OC&E Woods Line State Trail began as a railroad in 1923 connecting Klamath Falls to central Oregon to support logging and timber industries.  As the production of timber began to slow, the railroad saw a decline in traffic and in the 1980s, and Weyerhauser, the large paper company, donated the line to the Oregon Park and Recreation Department in 1992. The trail was originally developed with a motive of connecting Eastern and central part of Oregon with railway lines and to explore production of timber but after serving the purpose for so many years, it was converted to non-motorized path.
The Trail connects 8 communities within the Klamath Falls area and offers a paved flat trail for biking, hiking, wildlife excursions.  Many trails fork from the OC&E Woods Line. The entire stretch boasts stunning scenery. Along this path you  can also find a historical caboose on the old train tracks where you can read about history about the operations of train and trail system. There are several historical points of interest on the trail such as a steel bridge that provides connections to several suburban areas. It’s a great trail if you want to go for some cycling, biking, horseback riding, inline skating or just want to enjoy the tranquility of nature in the Klamath Falls area.
The park hosts more than 150,000 visitors every year and is a busy thoroughfare for people wanting to get out and get some fresh air. Restrooms are available in the parking area. Learn more here: http://oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=parkPage.dsp_parkPage&parkId=167

Where to stay in Klamath Falls?

Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel, which is located at a distance of less than 7 miles from the OC&E Woods Line Trail, is a budget hotel centrally located in Klamath Falls. With round the clock front desk, free parking and Wi-Fi, The Oregon 8 RV Park & Motel is an ideal choice for visitors looking for hotel accommodations or an RV hook up. Visit https://www.oregonmotel8rvpark.com/ and book your stay or RV hook up today!

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Sep 01

There are three ways you can find the top rated restaurants in Klamath Falls OR. You can refer to reviews and ratings by fellow tourists, like the ones available on Trip Advisor. You can ask locals when you are at Klamath Falls. You could use a guide that doesn’t just offer you random rankings but a comprehensive recommendation.

If you were to consider ratings on Trip Advisor, the top rated restaurants in Klamath Falls OR are Nibbley’s, Thai Orchid Café, The Waffle Hut, Klamath Basin Brewing Company, The Ruddy Duck Restaurant at Running Y Ranch Resort, Green Blade Bakery, Shilo Inn Restaurant and Lounge, Rodeos Pizza & Saladeria, Wubba’s BBQ Shack, Black Bear Diner, A Leap of Taste, Rooster’s Steak and Chop House, Italianna’s Ristorante and Gelateria, Creamery Brew Pub & Grill and there are a few more.

Where to Eat in Klamath Falls

A Leap of Taste in downtown Klamath Falls is a nice place. The sandwiches, soups, deli salads and bakes goods are a real treat. Go for an Italian roast beef sandwich. The aged provolone cheese, organic horseradish, olive tapenade and organic greens with the choice of bread will satiate any foodie. A Leap of Taste is located at 907 Main Street.

C&D Burger Shoppe has been a popular joint for almost five decades now. The hamburgers and milkshakes are to die for. The burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, fries, onion rings and pickle chips will surely whet your appetite. C&D Burger Shoppe is located at 1302 Oregon Ave.

Green Blade Bakery is the place you should be at if you like sweets and savories. All baked products are fresh and made of locally produced ingredients. No processed or packaged ingredient is used at this artisan bakery. The fresh breads, be it sourdough baguettes, cinnamon swirl, rustic ciabatta or oat bran butter bread are treats you would remember forever. Do try the apple-walnut cinnamon rolls, muffins, croissants and scones. Green Blade Bakery is located on 1400 Esplanade Ave.

You should also consider eating at Mac & Cheese Steaks on 2568 Campus Dr., Mermaid Garden Café on 501 Main St, Nibbley’s on 2424 Washburn Way, Rodeos Pizza & Saladeria on 1215 Main St, Thai Orchid Café on 900 Main St, Waffle Hut & Eatery on 2065 Oregon Ave and Wubba’s BBQ on 3930 S 6th St.

Stay at Oregon Motel 8 RV Park

Oregon Motel 8 and RV Park is a family friendly hotel with free Internet. You can choose rooms with kitchenettes if you are traveling with kids or if you wish to cook. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and some have bathtubs. The rooms are spacious with fridge, microwave and cable television. There is onsite parking and an outdoor heated pool. Book your stay today at Oregon 8 and save!

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Aug 01

Klamath Art Gallery is an initiative of Klamath Art Association. It aims to celebrate the artworks and crafts of local artists. Klamath Art Association dates back to 1946. The Klamath Art Gallery was developed in 1960. Klamath Art Association is a nonprofit organization and mostly comprises members based in the city and across the state. There are painters, jewelry designers, photographers, glass and origami experts, textile designers and artists with special skills such as creating three-dimensional works. There is no admission fee for anyone to explore the Klamath Art Gallery. There are classes organized by the association from time to time that have very low fees.

About Klamath Art Gallery

Klamath Art Gallery welcomes new members regardless of their experience as artists. You can find out more about memberships as well as hours of operation, latest news and scheduled events on their blog. The Klamath Art Gallery on 120 Riverside Drive in Klamath Falls is often hailed for its fresh artworks. The artworks and crafts are not the same as you would find in the more popular galleries around the state and beyond. There is a heady concoction of local sensitivity with the larger or prevailing norms in every niche of art that makes for a lovely viewing.

The exhibits or artworks selected for specific events usually change from one month to the next. At times some artworks may remain exhibited for several months. There are artists highlighted from time to time and themed exhibits are also not uncommon. Sometimes it is paintings or photography that gets highlighted and sometimes it is glasswork or jewelry. You can also buy artworks, jewelry, glasswork and crafted items at Klamath Art Gallery. There is a gift shop at the gallery.

Some of the artists represented at the gallery and by the association are Thomas Cogley, Christy Duggar, Jonne M. Goeller, N. Teddy Goldsworthy-hanner, Jeannette La Tulippe, Ron and Kathy Larson, Barbara Turner, Martha Waardenburg and Molly Young. You can buy works of these artists and more at the gift shop. The gift shop is usually open from noon to 4 p.m. on Thursdays through Mondays. You can buy handmade or painted art greeting cards, craft items, decorative tiles, photographic greeting cards, books by local authors, bookmarks, beaded and handmade jewelry, small matted artwork, small sculptures, refrigerator magnets, textiles and hand-knit items. Learn more here: http://klamathartgallery.blogspot.com/

Stay at Oregon Motel 8 & RV Park

Visiting the gallery should be on your list of things to do while in Klamath Falls. Oregon Motel 8 & RV Park is barely six minutes from the gallery and is close to most Klamath Falls attractions. As the name implies, the property has enough parking space for recreational vehicles. There is free Internet, free parking, camping, round the clock front desk and non-smoking rooms plus RV hook ups.

Book your stay at Oregon Motel 8 today: http://www.oregonmotel8rvpark.com/

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Jul 15

Klamath Falls is a top tourist destination in Oregon due to its wilderness and proximity to Crater Lake National Park. The natural picturesque landscape, the unique attractions and the family friendly things to do in Klamath Falls make it one of the most sought after destinations in Oregon. You should definitely look to explore Klamath Lake, the Collier Memorial State Park, Favell Museum and the Children’s Museum. There are many trails that are ideal for adults and kids. Plan a trip to explore the Cascade Volcanoes if you have time.  Conger Heights Park is a great place to visit, especially if you are traveling to Klamath Falls with children.

About Conger Heights Park

Conger Heights Park is a designated city park in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The park has some parts in Terminal City and Pelican City. Conger Heights Park is not very far from the Conger School Park, Richmond Park or the Link River Dam. It has 1,306 meters or 4,258 feet elevation and is located at 42° 13′ 49.5″ north & 121° 47′ 49″ west. The history of Conger Heights Park dates back to 1978, when one Dr. George Nicholson paid ninety thousand for the land and protected it for development in the future. The land was given to High Desert Museum and then gifted to Klamath Falls city administration nine years later.

Conger Heights is so named because of the steep ridge with a majestic elevation of 200 feet from the Link River, which is to its west. The ridge is undeveloped and hence has retained its tranquility. There is a mile and a half trail, known as the Link River Trail, quite popular among locals and tourists. The steep ridge serves as the backdrop for those walking and cycling the trail. The trail also connects Klamath Lake and Lake Ewauna. The ridge Conger Heights was called Eulalona by Klamath Indians.

Finding a Hotel in Klamath Falls

Oregon Motel 8 and RV Park is less than four miles north of Conger Heights Park. It wouldn’t take you longer than five minutes to drive to this popular park. Our hotel is is also close to Crater Lake, Kingsley Field and Oregon Institute of Technology among other major attractions in and around Klamath Falls.

Our property offers spacious rooms have television with premium cable channels, fridge and microwave, free Wi-Fi and coffee maker. The suites have whirlpool bathtub. Many rooms have kitchenettes. The outdoor heated pool is accessible in summer through fall. The park has thirty-four designated spaces for recreational vehicles. These areas have Wi-Fi coverage. Guests would also get access to power, water, cable and sewer.

We invite you to book your stay or RV space at Oregon Motel 8 and RV Park today at: http://www.oregonmotel8rvpark.com/

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Jun 25

There are many reasons to visit Klamath Falls, Oregon. There are certainly natural wonders such as Crater Lake National Park and several lakes that are nearby which offer plenty of outdoors activities such as hiking, fishing, and bird watching. A favorite outdoor activity that usually gets overshadowed by the nature excursions offered in the area is simply hitting the golf links.  Enjoying an afternoon playing 18 holes is certainly a fun way to experience the natural beauty of the area. Klamath County is home to some of the finest golf courses in the state of Oregon. Here are some of the most popular golf courses in Klamath Falls:

Golf at Klamath Falls Oregon

Harbor Links Golf Course is on the banks of Klamath Lake. It is an 18-hole course and as many as 15 have scenic views. There are ponds that are home to different species of waterfowl. There are game animals as well. Harbor Links is accessible to locals and tourists. You can make reservations at the Pro Shop and book for up to a month in advance. There are different tee times and charges are usually $15 for 18 holes and for up to four golfers.

Reames Golf Club or Reames Golf & Country Club has an 18-hole course spanning 200 acres. It is at the outskirts of Klamath Falls. The private hillside course has golfing lessons, tournaments for members and you can shop for essentials. You would need to call the facility to make reservations.

Shield Crest Golf Course enjoys an amazing setting with unmatched views of Mount Shasta and Klamath Basin. There is a Golf Shop and you can grab sumptuous meals at Knickers Restaurant. Located one mile from the junction of Hwy 140 and Hwy 39 on 3151 Shield Crest Drive, the course and clubhouse are open from 7 a.m. till 7 p.m. You would pay $30 for 18 holes walking game and $45 if you want a cart. 9 holes without cart is $18.00 and with cart is $28.00.

Running Y Ranch Resort is another popular golf course. It was designed by Arnold Palmer. It is one of the finest golf resorts in southern Oregon. Running Y Ranch Golf Course allows you to explore the outback while perfecting your game. The meadows, the restored wetlands, lakefront holes and woodlands make for a perfect day out in clear and sunny Klamath Falls. There is a mini golf course as well. The tee times are segregated into peak seasons and shoulder season. Charges also vary from weekdays to weekends. You can check out the tariffs here.

Klamath Falls Hotels near Golf Courses

Oregon Motel 8 and RV Park is two and a half mile from Harbor Links, ten miles from Reames, twenty minutes from Shield Crest and less than ten miles from Runny Y Ranch Golf Course. The property is close to Crater Lake National Park. The rooms are spacious. Guests get free Internet. The rooms have fridge and microwave, television and there is a heated pool outdoor.

Book your budget stay today and hit the best Klamath Falls Golf Links: www.oregonmotel8rvpark.com

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